Our Innovative Preservative Treated Wood Products

A natural, primed preservative treated trim product available in a combed, brushed, resawn, or smooth face. The real beauty of your home comes to life through a well-made wood trim package.

A primed, preservative treated solid wood post available with a combed or smooth face. These glulam columns are structurally strong, naturally beautiful, and enhance any exterior design.

Belco XT-T&G is graded preservative treated wood smooth face with edge vees on all four edges and a textured ungraded back.

Belco Forest Products leads the way

Belco Forest Products leads the way in preservative treated wood products and factory primed exterior wood millwork.

Our XT family of products offer builders solid wood exterior millwork for any application where long lasting, weather resistant material is needed in any new home, remodel or repair construction project.

XT Trim and XT Post are preservative treated with Wolman AG by Lonza which is the industry leading non-metalic preservative treatment for wood fiber. Wolman AG provides superior rot resistance and termite resistance for safe, long lasting performance. In addition XT Trim and XT Post are factory primed to achieve superior, effective water penetration protection. WoodGrain Paneling is a reversible prefinished T&G product used for soffit material as well as porch ceiling.

Manufactured from the best quality wood fiber then processed through our intensive grading and sorting we provide home builders the assurance of beautiful, long lasting trim material. We are so confident in our XT products we offer a 20-year fully tranferable, limited warranty.

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