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Porch Post

Glulam Posts and Columns

Belco XT® Post is a fully laminated, preservative treated, primed post ready for exterior installation. They eliminate the need for additional wrapping and are a true labor saver for that reason.

Beautiful Load Bearing

With exceptional load bearing strength and resistance to cracking, glulam posts are ideal for porches, deck columns, and balusters. They are also often used for gazebos, knee braces, and corbels. XT® Post is offered as a solid porch post configuration or with an electrical chase.

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Application & Installation Information

Uplift Application: When Belco XT® Post has been designed for use in an uplift application, post bases and caps are REQUIRED. Belco recommends Simpson Strong Tie products but products of equal properties are accepted. Refer to base and cap manufacturer’s instructions for capacities and connector attachment.

Vertical Load Only Application: When Belco XT® Post has been designed for use in a vertical load only application, a nailed connection can be implemented.

Typical Sizes

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