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Roofing's Essential Trim

Fascia is a specific type of trim installed just below the roof line. They are horizontal boards attached to rafter/truss ends at the eaves or face of the overhang and serve as a termination point for roof sheeting as well as providing additional positive nailing surface. Fascia also provides an extra layer of protection between the gutter and truss tails.

Belco XT Solutions

These boards may vary in width, but are generally a slightly wider or thicker version of the same trim used on the rest of the home. Belco XT® Trim offers a cost effective, preservative treated and primed solution for fascia applications. Highly stable, tight-knot, appearance grade SPF substrate offers a beautiful and cost effective finish.

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Application & Installation Information

Belco XT® may be installed directly to rafter tails. If Belco XT® extends beyond the protection of the roof system, it may not be covered by the warranty. To minimize exposure to the elements, attach a metal coping to the XT Trim that is integrated with the roofing system. Install a drip edge to prevent water buildup behind the fascia and use gutters wherever possible.

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