Belco History

Setting the standard since 1978

Belco Forest Products Expands Operations
Belco Forest Products announce a significant milestone with a $2.5 million expansion project. This strategic initiative aims to enhance manufacturing efficiency, enabling swift deliveries to valued customers while fortifying our dedication to sustainability. The expansion includes a state-of-the-art 15,000-square-foot building addition, fostering business growth, and an additional six acres of asphalt dedicated to the storage and expedited shipping of our premium finished goods. This expansion marks a pivotal moment in Belco's journey, propelling us towards an even brighter future.
Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence: Belco's Enduring Commitment
In 1978, Belco embarked on a journey dedicated to forging enduring relationships and delivering unparalleled customer service. Today, we proudly celebrate 45 years of unwavering commitment to excellence. This milestone marks not only the passage of time but a testament to the trust and loyalty we've built with our community. Thank you for being part of Belco's remarkable journey - here's to 45 years and beyond!
Belco Expands Johns Prairie Operations (JPOP)
In 2020 Belco expands its footprint with the addition of JPOP (Johns Prairie Operations) for packaging and storage. Notably, Belco has seen its largest expansion of growth in the last 2-3 years, and Bill’s plans are only to increase opportunities for market share and growth. Belco is launching a new product, XTT&G, as it continues to set the standard for trim products in the Forest Products Industry.
Belco 40th Anniversary
Belco 40th Anniversary
In 2018 Belco celebrates it’s 40th Anniversary. Belco begins strategizing expansion plans and devolps the Belco Playbook, a document that specifies the company’s purpose, “to provide opportunities that enrich the lives of its employees and their families.”
The XT Revolution
Preservative treated wood trim and posts
In 2015, Belco transforms the industry by adding Wolman AG® surface treatment to their XT Trim, forever changing the standard for the exterior wood trim product catagory. In late 2015 Belco then launches the XT Post, a glue-laminated engineered column.
Belco Consolidates Operations to Shelton and Changes Focus to Manufacturing
As Belco Trim grows to become the core product defining the company, the decision is made to consolidate operations to the Shelton facility and focuse excusively on being the best in the world at manufactring exterior trim products
Belco Acquires Shelton Manufacturing Facility
In 2003 Belco takes steps to increase capacity and quality control. Belco acquires a 16- acre manufacturing facility in Shelton, Washington and redesigns the facility to produce Belco Trim more efficiently.
Belco Enters the Wood Trim Market
Seizing an opportunity for better quality exterior wood trim Belco introduces The ArmorCoat Process in 2001. High quality raw wood is sourced, manufactured, and given a proprietary primer coating. Belco has created a premier product that changes the way builders build houses.
Belco Builds New Distribution Center with Rail
The Staley’s acquire an eight- acre parcel near the Port of Tacoma and begin constructing a state-of-the- art warehouse facility and rail spur.
The Legacy Lives On
Following in their father’s footsteps, Belco is acquired by John’s three adult children in 1999. Bill Staley becomes the new President & CEO, and begins a company transformation from commodities to a more specialty product focus.
Tragedy Strikes
John Staley tragically passes away in 1991 after a three-year battle with cancer at the early age of 45.
Belco Becomes Stocking Distributor
Belco Expands
The lumber industry comes naturally to John, and therefore it is only a matter of time before he begins to think about what next steps he can take to grow Belco. Belco began operations as a wholesale distribution yard in Tacoma WA, expanding their customer base to Oregon as well. Belco's service first reputation and expanded offerings propelled record growth. It is not long before they became one of the largest distributors in the Northwest.
John Buys Belco
John Staley
John Staley, the future president of Belco, recognizes the growing need for quality product and better service in the greater Seattle area, as well as in Alaska. This apparent need coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit inspires John’s decision to purchase the company as a managing partner in 1982.
Belco was Founded
Belco Founded
Belco Forest Products, now a national manufacturer for premier trim and posts, originates as an office wholesale lumber brokerage firm in 1978. BELCO is an accronym for , “Bellingham Lumber Company.”
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