Belco Forest Products leads the way in production of preservative treated exterior millwork for residential and commercial construction.

We are located in Shelton, Washington which is near the beautiful and majestic Olympic Mountains. The region has a rich and diverse history of logging and timber production for over a century. The Shelton area is home to a trained workforce giving Belco Forest Products an edge in all facets of the wood products business from raw material acquisition, to manufacturing, due to the quality of our people.

In addition, it’s important that as a company we contribute time and resources to our community and encourage others to do likewise. Providing solid family supporting jobs is just one of the ways we give back to our community.

Giving back is important to the leadership at our company.

The Belco Experience

While it is true that Belco Forest Products is a leader in manufacturing exterior millwork products, it is the exceptional company culture that truly differentiates Belco from others in the forest products industry. For Bill Staley, the president and CEO, the Belco culture has been intentionally cultivated and prioritized. The Belco Playbook, written by Bill Staley along with the executive leadership team, outlines Belco’s essential values. Commitment, dependability, and teamwork are important to understanding who we are and what makes us “us,” not just who we are trying to be. Bill shares that over the years, many key employees have said they came to work at Belco because they felt it was a place where they could truly make a difference. Bill Staley believes the Belco purpose, “to enrich the lives of its employees,” is accomplished when everybody on the team wins together. He shares, “When the company is successful in reaching its goals, that creates growth. That growth creates opportunities for employees to advance in their careers. Personal growth comes with stretching your capabilities by challenging yourself to learn. Learning comes with its own personal satisfaction as well a marketable skillset that cannot be taken away from you. Belco offers a number of different opportunities to learn on and off the job. We believe in building better people, taking care of those people, and then they will take care of your customers and your community.” That’s the Belco difference.
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