Belco Forest Products leads the way in production of preservative treated exterior millwork for residential and commercial construction.

We are located in Shelton, Washington which is near the beautiful and majestic Olympic Mountains. The region has a rich and diverse history of logging and timber production for over a century. The Shelton area is home to a trained workforce giving Belco Forest Products an edge in all facets of the wood products business from raw material acquisition, to manufacturing, due to the quality of our people.

In addition, it’s important that as a company we contribute time and resources to our community and encourage others to do likewise. Providing solid family supporting jobs is just one of the ways we give back to our community.

Giving back is important to the leadership at our company.

Bill Staley, President and CEO of Belco Forest Products.

Leadership Team

Belco XT Trim
Micro view of sapwood structure with preservative treatment. Protective sealants do not penetrate the cells. Wood preservatives penetrate the cells through diffusion.

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