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Belco Forest Products leads the way in production of  high value trim products, structural products, and accent products for residential and commercial construction applications.

Single-Family Development with XT Products


Multi-Family Development with XT Products

Our Location

Shelton, Washington is home to a rich history of logging and timber production.

This gives our workforce an edge in all facets of the wood products business from raw material acquisition, to manufacturing, to distribution and sales.

Shelton, WA in 1912. Photo Credit: Mason County Historical Society.

It’s important that as a company we contribute time and resources to our community and encourage others to do likewise.” -Bill Staley, President and CEO of Belco Forest Products.

Home for a Hero

On Oct. 15, 2011, during his second deployment with Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 7th Marines, Sergeant Milan Franklin was returning from a night observation post when he stepped on an improvised explosive device (IED) in Sangin, Afghanistan. The blast resulted in the loss of both his legs and two fingers on his right hand. Now medically retired, he and his girlfriend train service dogs. Home for our Troops built a new, more accessible home for Sgt. Franklin in Shelton, Washington while Belco supplied WOODGRAIN products for the front porch ceiling and XT products for the exterior of the house. It’s just our way of saying thanks to Sgt. Franklin for his sacrifice.

Investing in Our Future

Building confidence and skills in today’s youth is one our favorite ways to give back. CPEG grants are given to teachers in South Mason county to enrich student learning in creative and exciting ways.

Standing Together with Our Nonprofit Partners

A company is only as strong and healthy as the surrounding community. Some examples of our community involvement include food donations during the holidays, support for civic organizations, and fostering spirit throughout the year.

Our Belco Story

1978 – The Bellingham Lumber Company (known as Belco today) was created as a wholesale lumber brokerage firm.

1980 – Managing partner, John Staley, purchased the company. By doing this, he was following in the footsteps of his father, Jack Staley, who managed U.S. Plywood operations in Spokane as a WWII veteran. Belco began putting inventory on the ground around the greater Seattle area to service a growing customer base in Alaska.

1982 – Belco purchased property in Lakewood, Washington that would eventually serve as a central location for his wholesale lumber distribution yard serving Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. A focus on setting the standard in quality, innovation, and service made Belco one of the largest distributors in the Northwest.

1990 – Tragedy struck when John died at 45 from Leukemia with his wife and four children by his side.

1999 – Bill Staley bought out his siblings after running the company with them since the death of his father.

2000 – As the new millennium dawned, Belco acquired an 8-acre parcel in Fredrickson, Washington and immediately began constructing a state of the art warehouse and rail spur.

2002 – Belco developed the ArmorCoat manufacturing process to capitalize on a market opportunity for primed, trim and fascia made from the highest grades of spruce, pine, and fir trees.

2003 – ArmorCoat Trim entered the market with robust demand and became the main product line that defined Belco.

2004 – Belco acquired a 16-acre manufacturing facility in Shelton, Washington to produce ArmorCoat Trim more efficiently.

2007 – The Frederickson distribution center was eventually sold to Parr Lumber for the purpose of consolidating operations.

2015 – Belco began treating ArmorCoat Trim and launched the XT Post, a treated, primed, glue-laminated column for decorating exteriors. In addition, Wolman AG surface treatment became standard on all ArmorCoat products. The name of the product line was changed to ArmorCoat XT in order to reflect the treated aspect.

2018 – WOODGRAIN Paneling became a new product offering to meet the needs of designers who had been asking for stained, tongue and groove products to complement their stunning interiors.

2019 – XT Beams were launched as an additional line of treated, primed, and glue-laminated products that was engineered to meet structural specifications for bearing heavy loads. XT Posts and XT Beams also became available with stain and clear coat finish options.

Belco Forest Products

Leadership Team

Bill Staley, President and CEO

Jim Pentony,  CFO


Roger Roatch, VP of Sales and Business Development


Jim Carroll, VP Marketing


Mike Knobel, VP Operations


Jason Staley, Purchasing Manager


Julie Rowan, Inside Sales Manager


Rob Hollandsworth, IT Manager


Sales Team

Kevin Hayes, Market Development Manager-Texas/Dallas-Houston


Travis Crim, Texas-San Antonio/Austin

Kem Sweat, Market Development Manager-Florida


Baxter Reimer, Market Development Manager-Washington


Jacob Pennington, Market Development Manager-Oregon & SW Washington


Office Team

Annie Wilson, Inside Sales Specialist

Stephanie Makinster, Accounting Specialist

Production Supervisors

Justin Harris, Production Supervisor


Kris Felix, Production Supervisor