Belco’s True Two-Step Wood Preservative Treatment

Exterior wood trim producers with integrity stand behind an effective and regulated wood preservative treatment process, as opposed to marketing sealants or enhanced primer as “treatments.” A true two-step preservative treatment ensures the wood substrate is fully penetrated before adding the protective coating.

Don’t Get Cheated; Choose Preservative Treated

With Belco XT’s® two-step treatment process, customers get the convenience of a beautiful pre-primed wood product and the peace of mind that every stick has been treated to protect against deterioration.

Protects from living organisms and other damage:

  • Fungi
  • Marine Borers
  • Rot
  • Mildew
  • Insects
  • And more

Step One

Preservative Treated, Every Time

Belco’s non-metallic, EPA-approved wood preservative treatment (Wolman® AG) penetrates the wood fibers and is then properly dried before priming. This key distinction sets us apart, ensuring our wood is fortified from within. It also protects builders against future liability claims and ensures a longer lasting result for homeowners. Our 20 year non-prorated warranty covers any rot or mildew on all Belco XT® Trim and Belco XT® Post products.

Step Two

Prime Coat, Proprietary Excellence

We go the extra mile during manufacturing by then applying a proprietary water-based primer to protect the surface and resist water penetration of Belco XT® Trim and Belco XT® Post products. Our prime coat prepares the wood for finish applications while also ensuring that the finish withstands the test of time. Belco primer exceeds the most important industry tests to assure best performance, including primer adhesion, moisture resistance, and wet scrub resistance. We do this in a factory-controlled environment, which delivers quality, consistent results. Finally, our primer meets and exceeds the highest industry standards for coating consistency and wood substrate quality allowing your team to begin installation as soon as the material arrives on the job.