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Weatherproof with Visual Interest

Batten is a narrow strip of wood used to cover joints and is used as a decorative vertical member over panel products or wide boards. It adds texture and visual interest while providing additional weatherproofing. Battens are used to cover the seam that is created when two siding panels butt up to each other. They are the first line of defense in a batt and board siding application.

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Application & Installation Information

When battens are applied over siding at vertical joints, sealant is not required. When applied to walls with horizontal joints, DO NOT run the battens over the joints and flashing. Horizontal band boards should be properly flashed above and below the board, with flashing installed below the board covering the top ends of the batten strips below. Leave a minimum 3/8” space between the end of the batten and the band board and DO NOT caulk.

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