Belco XT® Trim Product Application


A decorative covering consisting of interlocked T&G boards to add depth and texture to exterior ceilings, eves and overhangs. Used to dress up the underside of the rafter tails so the future homeowner is not stuck looking at the painted underside of the roof sheeting.


Horizontal boards attached to rafter/truss ends at the eaves or face of the overhang. Serves as a termination point for roof sheeting as well as providing additional positive nailing surface. Also provides an extra layer of protection between the gutter and truss tails.


Porch Post

Glulam wood, fully laminated structural column for porches and decks. Manufactured to eliminate the need for additional wrapping substantially cutting labor costs.


Horizontal members in a balustrade. Provides safety and support while contributing to the aesthetic design of stairs, balconies, and porches.


Vertical members in a balustrade, offering support and safety while enhancing visual appeal and architectural style of stairs, balconies, and porches.

Window Trim

Decorative trim elements for windows and doors to maximize visual interest, curb appeal, and style. Maximizes style continuity while also providing weather resistance and structural integrity.

Window Sill

Decorative trim elements for window sills to add visual interest through increased texture and shadow lines. Provides surface for water runoff, and enhances aesthetic appeal and functionality of windows.


Narrow strips of wood used to cover joints or as decorative vertical members over plywood or wide boards. Adds texture and visual interest while providing additional weatherproofing.

Belly Band

The nontechnical term for decorative cladding that runs horizontally around a house or building. It usually wraps around the building at the height of the first or second floor and is typically used as a breakpoint between two different styles of siding ie. lap and shake.


Trim member connecting the siding with the soffit. Enhances architectural detailing and provides a finished look to the exterior by trimming out and hiding the cut edge of the siding at the top of the wall.

Garage Wrap

Decorative trim enclosing the garage framing members. Enhances the aesthetic appeal of garage, and protects against moisture and pests.

Drip Edge

Trim strip under the roof edge installed on bargeboard (gable end fascia) to protect against moisture intrusion. Typically 1x2 or 1x3, the drip edge is cap flashed to protect against rot while providing a standoff so that the water that runs off the gable end does not leak down over the barge causing unsightly streaking and potentially rot.


Exterior house trim along a gable. Similar to fascia, but specific application for gables. Provides decorative finish while protecting the roof structure from weather damage. Barge board also provides a positive nailing surface for the roof sheeting.

Corner Trim

Decorative trim to help protect the corners where siding joints come together. Innovative one-piece installation, adding structural integrity, and eliminating typical horizontal butt joint issues as well as the need for vertical corner seams.