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Introducing BELCO XT® Corner Trim: The One and Done Solution

Two story home featuring Belco corner trim on top story

Are you tired of dealing with the multiple sticks required to install corner trim? What about seam issues, costly materials and multi-step installation? Look no further! Belco, the leading expert in exterior wood trim manufacturing, is thrilled to introduce our latest innovation: Belco XT® Corner Trim.

Functional Design

Infographic featuring Belco XT Corner Trim and installation instruction

Imagine having no corner seams. One stick, one solution. Our one-piece corners are designed for functionality and ease of installation. With fewer joints to maintain, Belco XT® Corner Trim offers a cohesive single unit solution, eliminating the hassle of dealing with separate pieces subject to variable movement. Additionally, one piece corners provide excellent resistance to wind-driven rain with fewer joints to maintain. Builders save time and money during installation with our pre-primed, one-piece corners – it’s like having half the sticks at every corner!

Preservative Treatment - Wolman® AG

Say goodbye to worries about wood decay and rot. Our Belco XT® Corner Trim is treated with Wolman® AG, an EPA-approved, water-based, nonmetallic wood preservative surface treatment. This innovative treatment provides excellent resistance to moisture issues rot and decay, ensuring durability for your exterior corners. Additionally, the treatment and prime sealant combined with our kiln drying process ensures protection against wood eating bugs, mold, and mildew.


Close up of Belco XT Corner Trim, raw and unpainted

We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Belco XT® Corner Trim is a metal-free, non-corrosive solution that requires no special tools or fasteners, making installation a breeze. Compared to PVC, fiber cement, or aluminum alternatives, our corner trim is less costly while still providing exceptional performance and longevity. With installation time and required corner materials virtually cut in half, builders enjoy robust labor cost and inventory savings. 

What The Experts Have to Say

According to our Texas Market Development Manager, Kevin Hayes, “The main issue is that with both fiber cement and engineered wood you have a seam running the length of the corner. This is one more critical joint for the homeowner to maintain. Particularly troubling are second story corners which are difficult for the average homeowner to access and maintain. The other issue with corners is the 12 foot length limitation with fiber cement. Many times you find horizontal butt joints, which may become a moisture intrusion point as time goes on.” 

Baxter Reimer, Director of Sales adds, “The great thing about the Belco corner is the ease of installation.  Just like our posts, it’s a one and done solution that will cut the install time of corner trim down by more than 50% while simultaneously eliminating caulk joints that are prone to failure if not properly maintained.” 

In the comparison below, notice the horizontal butt joint (circled) which is vulnerable to moisture intrusion. To offset this, flashing is recommended, but often skipped during installation as seen here. Compare this with the home on the right where a single piece of seamless Belco XT® Corner Trim provides an elegant and more effective solution.

One and Done Corner Solution

Wood remains one of the most attractive and cost-effective choices for construction projects. With Belco XT® Corner Trim, you get the best of both worlds – the timeless beauty of wood and the durability of modern innovation. Backed by a 20-year limited warranty, our corner trim ensures peace of mind and a gap-free solution for inside and outside corners. Say goodbye to multiple pieces, constant maintenance, and costly alternatives with this hassle-free solution that enhances the beauty and integrity of your construction projects. Finally, for builders seeking comprehensive exterior trim solutions beyond just corners, we invite you to explore the full Belco XT® Trim product line. Discover why we’ve earned a reputation as the “Every Time Manufacturer” through our commitment to quality, versatility and unmatched dependability.

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Preservative treated, primed, and available with a combed, brushed, resawn, or smooth face. The real beauty of your home comes to life through a well made trim package.

Preservative treated, primed, and available with a combed or smooth face. These glulam columns are strong, beautiful, and enhance any exterior design. 

Belco XT®-T&G is graded smooth face with edge vees on all four edges and a textured ungraded back.

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