XT Trim

XT Trim is a white wood exterior millwork that is preservative treated and primed.

Also available in multiple sizes and finished in combed, surfaced or saw textured face. 

Our distinctive process manages moisture content of the fiber to assure superior stability. Next the raw material is milled to size,  Wolman AG preservative treatment is applied then trimmed to length, graded after milling and treatment to our superior appearance standards. Finally the shaped, sized, treated and graded material is processed through our priming facility to receive a heavy coat of a specialty primer that is distinctively formulated for our type of wood substrate and coating equipment to offer the very best primer performance.

The real beauty of the homes you build are brought to life by accenting the exterior with a carefully selected trim package. Foot for foot, XT Trim remains the most cost-effective trim choice and offers beautiful, long lasting performance while saving time and money. 

XT Trim is the absolute best quality exterior millwork available and provides superior value that is backed by a 20 year limited warranty.



Rot & Insect Resistant

  • Preservative Treated
  • Safe, Water Based Solution
  • Non-Metallic Treatment
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

Moisture Resistant

  • Machine Applied Primer
  • Six (6) Mils Wet All 6 Sides
  • Superior Top Coat Adhesion
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant

Multiple Sizes Available

  • Thickness 1" , 5/4" & 2"
  • Widths 2" to 12"
  • Lengths 8' to 20' Even
  • Combed, Resawn & Surfaced Face Available

Examples Of XT Trim