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Trimming Garage Doors in Style

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Garage doors are an important part of many properties. They offer security for the home, and they also help create the final curb appeal or presentation of the home as well. Garage doors have been trending upward in terms of popularity, with an ROI above 90%.

It makes sense that most homeowners are going to want to protect their investment. Garage wraps, garage door liners, and other materials are all used to try and increase the longevity of their garage doors. What may be overlooked, however, is the trim that edges the garage door entrance, and the garage door wrap, or the wood lining on the inside wall that the garage door sits against when it’s closed. Using the right material for the trim and wrap for garage doors can prolong their lifespan and increase their aesthetic at the same time. 

Why Garage Door Trim Is Important

There are two pieces of wood trim that surround the entrance to the garage door. The first piece is the garage door wrap, which is the wood that lines the interior of the walls. It’s the first place to wear out over time due to the way that it interacts with the door, receiving moisture from the base of the door, and taking contact from the door as it opens and closing, which is why it’s important that a strong, durable material be used here. The wrap is often the first thing to need replacement on a garage door when the wrong material is used.

The trim is the material on the front of the door, surrounding it and creating a termination point for the siding Ideally, the trim that wraps the garage door should match the trim used on the rest of the home in terms of style and color. Trim helps to define the garage door, by framing it to help it stand out from the rest of the facade. Given how important the garage door is to curb appeal, having a feature that calls more attention to the home and helps it stand out can be a major selling point. 

The trim also helps protect both the garage door itself and the cladding around it. Trim helps to provide a transition between the door and the cladding, but it also helps cover the ends of the cladding, helps create a tighter fit for the door in its frame, and helps keep moisture and other elements out of these important areas. 

With a good trim, your garage door will see less moisture around the edges where it may get trapped, softening the door. It also helps keep moisture out of the cladding, which helps protect the door and the frame of the home at the same time. 

Problems with Traditional Trim

One of the reasons that vinyl garage door wraps have become so popular in recent years is that regular wood trims and door wraps often fail over time, which ends up impacting the door itself, harming its appearance and function. The right type of wrap and trim can help eliminate this problem, preserving curb appeal and function.

Traditional wood door wraps and trim have several issues that may develop anywhere from a few weeks to a few years after installation. The wrap in particular needs to be able to withstand moisture, since the seal that helps prevent moisture from getting around the door may warp over time. This can allow moisture to impact the wood, potentially leading to rot.

If the wood hasn’t been properly primed and painted, it can also discolor over time, which can mar the appearance of the door. Some types of trim, such as redwood, also darken over time regardless of finish, which can also detract from the appearance of the door.

Wood trim and wrap also require a lot of maintenance to look its best, including scraping and repainting. Without this constant maintenance, the wood will eventually begin to take on moisture, softening, cracking, and rotting. Moisture can begin to more easily infiltrate the garage door and the rest of the facade, leading to additional problems. At the same time, the peeling trim can lower the curb appeal of the property, so even a new garage door isn’t going to have the same impact. 

Using a Better Trim

Installing a better trim in the first place can make a big difference. Preservative-treated trims like XT Trim from Belco Forest Products are designed to help. 

XT Trim is preservative treated and kiln dried for stability, and then preservative treated for longevity. This treatment contains both insecticides and fungicides, to help it last longer than standard wood trims. It also comes pre-primed with an acrylic-latex primer that helps the trim resist moisture and other issues inherent to the exterior. This makes it more durable, and faster to install, since it won’t need to be primed onsite prior to installation or painting. It won’t discolor or experience bleed-through, so you’re less likely to encounter any callbacks about the appearance of the trim over time.

XT Trim has a limited 20 year warranty, and is more cost-effective than cedar, redwood, and other popular trim materials. By wrapping your garage door in preservative-treated wood trim, you can enhance the style and design of the garage door, minimize callbacks and future issues, and make the job go faster and more smoothly. 

Get the Best Garage Door Trim

Trim completes the exterior of a home or building and without it, the facade wouldn’t be complete. Make sure that you’re finishing every garage door installation with the right type of trim. Visit Belco Forest Products to learn more about their preservative-treated trims to get the best material possible for your garage door project.

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