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Despite many other materials on the market today, wood remains one of the most popular for exterior use. Wood has beauty, character, and history that can’t be matched by other materials, which is why it’s still preferred by both builders and homeowners alike.

To help diminish some of the issues that regular wood products can sometimes have, Belco Forest Products offers a preservative-treated wood, which is a high-quality product with a 20-year limited warranty, and is less expensive and easier to work with than other softwood products. It is important to understand the properties of your building material in order to be comfortable and work efficiently.

Wood Preservative Treatment Process

The following process is how Belco treats their wood, using quality workmanship and products at every stage.

Kiln Drying

Every piece of wood that is preservative-treated is first kiln-dried for optimum stability. Each piece is checked to make sure that moisture levels are consistent throughout the wood. The final moisture content is consistently between 13% and 18%, which helps minimize manufacturing defects. Once the moisture content is low, there’s less movement, swelling, shrinking, and warping of the boards, so you get a quality product that performs as expected every time. 

Preservative Application

Unlike pressure treated wood, preservative-treated wood is preserved through a topical process, which allows the treatment to be absorbed into the wood. The preservative treatment used by Belco is Wolman® AG by Lonza, who have been pioneering wood preservation for more than a century. 

Wolman AG® is the first non-metallic, environmentally friendly wood preservative. It contains two fungicides and one insecticide (all carbon-based) and is formulated to extend the life of the wood for all above-ground applications. It is registered with the EPA  and meets the qualifications for being a water-repellent wood preservative treatment, ensuring that the material you receive is durable and long lasting.

Graded for Quality

Every piece of wood that Belco manufactures is graded for quality to ensure consistency and best use. The grading process is repeated throughout the manufacturing process. It starts with a look at the fiber, selecting the best wood fiber possible to ensure better lumber. Each piece is further graded as manufacturing continues to maintain consistency and product integrity.

Primed for Optimum Performance

One of the benefits of using XT Trim and other products from Belco is the fact that they arrive primed and ready for installation and painting. This is a huge time-saving process for the installer, and helps keep costs down. 

Even better is the primer that’s used. The acrylic latex primer acts as a barrier between moisture and the wood, helping to protect it and prolong its lifespan. It also gives you a clean, even finish to paint for superior results. 

To ensure quality, the primer has been put through the most important industry tests to assure best performance including primer adhesion, moisture resistance, and wet scrub resistance. The primer is applied in a factory-controlled environment, which gives you quality, consistent results. The primer coat meets and exceeds the highest industry standards for coating consistency and wood substrate quality allowing your team to begin installation as soon as the material arrives on the job.

Wrapped for Transport

Creating a quality product doesn’t end with the manufacturing; the material needs to reach the jobsite in the best possible condition as well. That’s why Belco uses a protective paper wrap on all of their products. Heavy, premium lumber wrap is used along with corner protectors and stickers. This ensures that the material is easier to load, handle, and move, as well as store. When you unwrap your material and are ready to install, you need to know that it will be ready. That’s why these extra steps are taken; so that you can trust that the material you receive will be exactly what you expect every time. 

Invest in Quality You Can See and Trust

It’s possible to see the quality of Belco’s preservative-treated wood from the minute it’s unloaded on the jobsite. From the protective wrapping to the selection of grade, to the high-quality primer and preservatives, you can trust that this material will perform to your expectations, consistently. You need materials you can trust to help make your job easier, keep your clients happy, and avoid callbacks down the road. Belco’s preservative-treated wood products will help you achieve all of these goals.

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