Product Application

Frieze (Top of Wall)

Top of Wall Protection

Frieze board is typically installed between the top of a home’s siding and the soffit. It’s normally installed flat against the home, but it may be installed at an angle if used on a gable. It helps to cover and protect the gap between the siding and the underside of the soffit and is necessary to prevent moisture from seeping down beneath your siding.

Architectural Detailing

Frieze board may also be used as a decorative, horizontal trim anywhere in or on the home. It enhances architectural detailing and provides a finished look to the exterior by trimming out and hiding the cut edge of the siding at the top of the wall.

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Application & Installation Information

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Typical Sizes


Belco’s frieze board installation process is straightforward and does not require special fasteners. However, galvanized or stainless steel nails are recommended to prevent rust streaks. Caulking requirements along flat walls with gutter lines and fascia vary based on soffit style. In gable ends, frieze board trims and cleans up the siding edge around out-lookers and are usually caulked on all edges.

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