What is ArmorCoat XT?

ArmorCoat refers to our entire production process from the moment the raw wood arrives until it ships. We start with premium and J grades of slow-growth, tight-knot, spruce/pine/fir from high altitude forests in the Pacific NW.

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The Best Raw Materials

The first step in delivering the best trim and post products is sourcing high quality raw fiber. As a Northwest company, our proximity to this wood allows us to deliver a product that sets a high bar for excellence at beneficial price points when compared to other trim products.

Quality Control

ArmorCoat XT’s Quality Assurance Program encompasses five key points and ownership at every step along the prodduction line.

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Read how and why our products set the standard for appearance and performance.

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Wolman® AG

For over a century,  WOLMAN® treatment has been the leader in wood preservation. Wolman AG, hailed as the first nonmetallic treatment for the residential market, consists of two fungicides and an insecticide which extends the life of your wood trim for all AWPA above ground applications. Wolman AG is also qualified under the Water-Repellent Preservative Treatment Certification Program by the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA). This treatment allows us to provide a 20-year limited warranty on all ArmorCoat XT products.

ArmorCoat XT Treated Trim Products

When synthesized with the ArmorCoat process, the result is ArmorCoat XT Preservative Treated Trim Products, environmentally friendly, cost effective solutions for your exterior construction needs.


Thicknesses: 1”,5/4”, 2”
Widths: 2” – 12”
Lengths: 8’ – 20’

Ideal for:

  • Exterior trim
  • Exterior fascia
  • Corner boards
  • Garage door liners


Texture: Comb 4 Sides
Sizes: 4×4, 6×6, 8×8
Lengths: 8′ – 20′

Ideal for:

  • Porch posts
  • Rail posts
  • Gazebos
  • Knee Braces

Because Your Home Deserves Products That Last.