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One of the more common size windows is the 3050. Many times they stand alone on side elevations and get doubled up in rear and front elevations. Trim varies from fiber cement to engineered wood composites and natural wood. This article examines the optimal cutlist for a variety of 1×4 lengths from 12-20 feet to find the most efficient trim length.

The total amount of trim for a typical 3050 window is 204 inches or 17 feet. Now let’s assume this house has 13 windows. Nine of these are singles and four have been doubled together. The cuts follow recommended window trim procedures to minimize moisture intrusion.

Note: the 1×6 mullion is not included in the doubles example.

 1×4 Cutlist:

  • 2@ 84.75”
  • 22@ 63”
  • 9@ 42.5”
  • 13@ 35.5”

Total inches required = 2399.5”

Based on our hypothetical window package, we optimized our cutlists on the following page. The most efficient length of board is a 14-footer which has a 5% waste factor. The worst length is a 12-footer in which fully 20% of the sticks will go to waste. Of course, window packs differ in size and number. And rear doors can also be factored into your optimization. Manufactured trim such as fiber cement and composites have length limits of 12 and 16 feet, while natural wood can be ordered from 8-20 feet. The use of free cutlist window trim calculators can reveal where to save money on your exterior millwork.

12-Foot Boards

Total Boards = 20

Waste Cuts = 480.5 inches

Waste Factor = 20%

14-Foot Boards

Total Boards = 15

Waste Cuts = 120.5 inches

Waste Factor = 5%

16-Foot Boards

Total Boards = 14

Waste Cuts = 288.5 inches

Waste Factor = 12 %

18-Foot Boards

Total Boards = 13

Waste Cuts = 408.5 inches

Waste Factor = 17%

20-Foot Boards

Total Boards = 11

Waste Cuts = 240.5 inches

Waste Factor = 10%

Download the Window Trim Cutlist Guide

Reduce trim waste with this guide to the optimal window trim cutlist. Download the Guide

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