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Susanna Samuelson

Inside Sales Rep
Susanna is the Inside Sales Rep at Belco Forest Products. Although, she prefers to be referred to as the “Load Modifier-so you can do what matters.” When Susanna thinks about what it means to be a Belconian, she believes working hard, and helping one another, are key attributes. Susanna is a true believer that anyone can learn any subject matter given the proper leadership and communication style. She received her BA from the Evergreen State College in Marketing and was excited to be able to experience all the different aspects marketing has to offer at Belco, from the back end all the way to the front end…there is never a dull moment. When Susanna is not at the office, she enjoys hiking, going to the gym, and spending time with her family. A TV show that resonates with Susanna is Handmaid’s Tale because we should, “never underestimate the power of a determined group of women.” When asked about the component of the Belco playbook Susanna most resonates with, she says teamwork, “because when a team truly works together, that is when true magic happens.”