Our Process

Dedication to Reliable Processes Equals Consistent Quality Products

Belco’s quality assurance and quality control program for XT products encompasses five key points of ownership at every step along the production line. We control product appearance and performance by doing everything in house: drying, milling, edging, treatment, and coating. Our quality control process ensure Belco product quality standards deliver on the brand promise of beautiful, long lasting exterior wood millwork for every new home.

Standard Quality Procedures

Kiln Dried To Minimize Manufacturing Defects

Moisture content for XT products is between 13% to 18%. We check the moisture content prior to manufacturing to meet our standards. We minimize final product movement with even moisture content throughout the  piece to ensure more stability after manufacturing is complete.

Preservative Treated For Long Lasting Performance

Belco XT® Product proudly use Wolman AG by Lonza as our preservative treatment for our XT products. For over a century, Wolman AG by Lonza has been the leader in wood preservation. Wolman AG, hailed as the first nonmetallic, environmentally friendly treatment for residential and commercial markets, consists of two fungicides and an insecticide. Wolman AG extends the life of your wood for all American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) above ground applications and is also qualified under the Water-Repellent Preservative Treatment Certification Program, which is conducted by the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA).

Our Grades Optimize Appearance and Lower Trim Costs and Time on the Job

XT products go through intensive grading review throughout the production process. We start with the best natural wood fiber and then through the manufacturing process we produce graded lumber that truly set the standard for our industry.

Primer That Tests Superior Means Performance

A strong, even coat of our acrylic latex primer provides a protective barrier between the wood substrate and the elements. Our primer serves as a water-repellant, protective coating, and is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion. The primer we use meets our company standards that exceed any other test or review used in the industry. These include the primer adhesion test, the moisture absorption test, and the wet scrub resistance test  developed by American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM).. Factory primed XT products are on the job ready. You save valuable man hours in the field with our controlled condition, factory priming operation. Superior quality before it leaves our plant.


We Protective Paperwrap Every Unit

Every unit of XT products are wrapped with heavy, premium lumber wrap. Corner protectors and stickers are placed on the units for ease in forklift handling and storage