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Storage and Handling — Best Practices For Your Inventory

Preservative treated wood trim and posts

How your team cares for your inbound inventory should follow these storage and handling best practices for top results.

Best storage practices apply for inside, outside, or covered storage. General guidelines are designed to keep the inventory flat, straight, dry, and clean.

Storage and Handling Best Practices:

In the Yard

  1. XT TRIM must be stored flat, off the ground in a clean and dry environment (preferably in the warehouse or in covered racks).
  2. Maintain vertical alignment of stickers when stacking multiple bundles.
  3. Avoid direct contact with the ground, concrete, or standing water. Avoid storage in the extreme sun or hot weather for
    prolonged periods of time.
  4. Leave units wrapped to prevent punctures or tears. When breaking units, leave remaining product neatly stacked and covered.
  5. All XT Products have finish tolerances on ends, edges and faces. Use extreme care with forklifts and manhandling to avoid damaging product.
  6. Easiest to maintain storage and handling best practices when inside a covered warehouse, building, or shed.

At the Job Site

  1. Store in garage or on flat surface away from standing water.
  2. To help minimize movement after installation, cut the banding after delivery. Thereby, allowing XT TRIM to acclimatize to ambient conditions prior to installation environment. Do not leave product exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time.
  3. Before installation check moisture content of the material. Installing wet product (above 18% MC) may result in excessive shrinkage, capturing moisture in the material when finish painting. Belco Forest Products (“Belco”) IS NOT responsible for damage by improper storage, maintenance, or installation of XT Products.
  4. A vented and dry building or shed is needed for storage and handling best practices. Structures that have excessive moisture conditions will affect product performance.
  5. Stack neatly and re-cover any unused product to prevent exposure to elements.
  6. Minor surface mildew on wood is not a threat to product integrity. If present, clean the surface with a 1-part bleach to 3 parts
    water solution.
Example of Proper Storage With Dunnage in Vertical Alignment
Maintain stackheights within safe limits.
Align stickers when stacking bundles.
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