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Exterior Window Trim Style Ideas for Home Builders

Two story beige home with white exterior window trim

A home’s exterior window trim might seem like a small detail, but it can have a significant impact on a home’s aesthetic appeal. Belco explores diverse exterior window trim ideas, offering inspiration to homeowners and builders looking to infuse character into their projects. Certainly regional style preferences and non-lumber material options can be explored for window trim solutions. While options for architectural expression using window trim are limitless, this post focuses on the beauty and versatility of wood trim.

Bold Frame

Opt for a bold frame exterior window trim style to ensure timeless charm! Here we’ve featured a home that nods to the traditional craftsman elevation, with a twist in the profile of columns and banisters. Create a bold yet classic look with wide trim borders framing windows in harmony with other architectural details. Go on to match or complement the exterior window trim style using elements like broad porch banisters and ceiling paneling for a cohesive and polished appearance.

Color Contrast

For a whimsical touch, experiment with color combinations to create interest and contrast. This beautiful two story modern cottage home features dark window trim that seamlessly extends both horizontally and laterally. The lateral extension creates height and draws the eye upward toward diagonal trim elements in the gables. Offsetting the exterior window trim with contrasting siding or stucco can bring unexpected charm and energy to cottage style homes. Be sure to pay attention to tone and warmth when selecting colors to ensure a harmonious visual impact.

Classic Molded Layers

Add eclectic dimension by opting for flared tops or molded layers in your exterior window trim style. This approach works well with white trim and complements buildings with unique angles or curves integrated into their architecture. This featured home is a charming example of layering varied trim widths, depths and lengths to level up curb appeal. Notice each window is framed with a trim piece that is slightly longer, deeper, and thinner than the main profile trim. The varied depths accent the inset “nook” of each window. Additionally, the shadow box feel of the small top level window adds an enchanting touch.

Visual Break

Use exterior window trim strategically as a transition or visual break between different siding panels. This home is a beautiful example of mixed siding placement that comes together in creative cohesion. The builder optimized the shaded inset porch with color brilliance, choosing a muted dark paint color for horizontal siding and tapered posts. The window trim along with horizontal horse-ranch style porch rails create both contrast and cohesion. This combination adds pops of interest to the shaded area. The crucial element bringing it all together is the bright white window trim, offering a break between the darker horizontal siding on the lower level and the light lateral siding of the top floor. Whether emphasizing a change in color or material, extending the top of the window trim line can enhance architectural interest.

Classic Slimline

Homes with strong classic angels and paneless windows might benefit from a “less is more” approach to their exterior window trim. This clean and simple style complements linear components like vertical edges, shiplap siding, or horizontal brickwork as seen in this featured home. The builder chose a simple slimline trim for the pane free windows and fascia of the same color and width.

Modern Minimalism and Trendy Color Play

Embracing an ultra-modern style characterized by clean lines and avant-garde aesthetics, can elevate appeal in multi-family residential projects. Notice the minimalist vibe here with a single bold trim piece at the top of each window. Furthermore, trendy contrasting but complementary color choices add an eye catching statement. While the earlier example of classic molded trim creates a nostalgic architectural aesthetic, the simplicity of this exterior window trim style makes a more modern “on trend” statement. 

Conclusion: Exterior Window Trim Style Impact

The significance of exterior window trim style choices cannot be overstated in shaping a home’s aesthetic appeal. The diverse range of options allows homeowners and builders to transform houses into unique works of art. As seen in these examples, the strategic use of exterior window trim not only enhances visual appeal but also plays an important role in architectural cohesion and interest. 

Regional style preferences and the incorporation of mixed materials like brick, vinyl, and reclaimed wood further expand the palette for builders to unleash their artistic vision. For its versatility, installation ease, and affordability, Belco XT® Trim products serve as a beautiful canvas for window trim, offering preservative and prime treated durability and unmatched quality. 

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