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Coordinating Your Exterior Facade and Trim Colors

exterior house trim colors

Trim completes every exterior design. Whichever material your facade is made from or what the style of your home is, it’s the trim that frames your windows and doors, and lines the edges of the building to help complete the design. Trim can be painted in many different shades to compliment the rest of the exterior. It can be dark, bright, bold, or subtle, and it can combine with different exterior colors to create a wide range of different looks.

Exterior House Trim Color Combinations

If you’re looking for some inspiration on different trim and exterior color combinations, take a look at these 12 stunning ideas:

1. Light House – Dark Trim

Contrast makes for very dramatic and eye-catching designs. With a light-colored facade, adding in some dark trim can really make a building stand out and get the attention it deserves. This home is clad in light stone, with a dark brick accent. Dark brown trim is added, which not only ties in the brick, it also pops against the light-colored stone, making the home look dynamic.

2. Bold Pops of Color

This building features a lot of windows, all with the same shape and size. Having them all look identical means that they blend into the background and stop being noticed. By trimming out some of the windows in a bold orange, they instantly pop against the white background and stand out from the others. This makes all the windows more noticeable, and elevates the design. 

3. Tone-on-Tone

When the facade is a light color, the trim doesn’t have to be dark to be effective. This property uses a bold-colored shutter as the accent color, while the trim color is a mid-point between the darker shutters and the lighter siding. This tone-on-tone effect is more subtle, and adds dimension to the exterior. 

4. Subtle Design

This home features a multi-color brick on the lower half, with a light colored stucco above. The trim is just slightly darker than the main color of the home, and pulls color out of the brick to match, which creates a cohesive, unified look for the exterior that helps complete the design. It also allows other colors into the facade as accents, and the door color to take on a bold look. 

5. White on Brick

Trim colors can be very simple and still be very effective. This classic white trim is paired with a light brick facade. The white trim pops against the bricks, even though they aren’t dark in color. Because there are so many shades within the bricks, using a colored trim might mean the window gets lost. The bright white makes the window appear very crisp against the brick, highlighting it and helping call more attention to the area. 

6. Deep Color

The trim on this building is subtle. It uses a dark wood trim on a lighter wood siding. The dark trim on the lighter siding gives dimension to the facade and helps call more attention to the windows. Using lighter trim might have made the windows appear washed out. This way, the trim and siding appear richer and more dynamic, giving depth to the exterior. 

7. Two-Color Trim

This home features white siding with white and blue trim. A white house with white trim would make the home look plain and a little washed out. By adding the blue, it highlights the accents in the architecture and makes the exterior look more interesting. It also allows the blue to be carried as an accent through the rest of the design. This two-color trim works best on homes that have a lot of decorative elements, since it gives you the chance to enhance them and make the most of the design. 

8. Bold Blue

White siding with blue trim makes a really bold statement. This small window might get overlooked, except for its bright blue color. In this case, the trim is matched by the shutter as well, so the color extends to the entire window, calling more attention to it than it might receive otherwise. 

9. Warm Colored Trim

This window also pops against the lighter colored brick siding, but in a more subtle way. The brick contains several different colors and shades; the trim picks up one of these colors and uses it in a more concentrated way. It pops, but it’s cohesive at the same time. 

10. Dark Sleek 

This building features two different types and colors of siding. The trim helps to unify the two different colors and sections by utilizing the same color on both. The sleek, dark trim picks up a shade in the siding, helping to create a cohesive look at the same time. 

11. Whimsical Contrast

This home has a natural, unstained siding, so any color used on the trim is going to stand out. The color that was used is a whimsical shade of green, that pairs well with the hearts cut into the shutters, showing that the color and style of the window is meant to be playful. 

12. Cool Blue

The trim used on this building is a fun, turquoise that adds some contrast to the light-colored siding. Using the same trim on both the windows and the edges of the balcony helps to unify the different areas on the building, while also creating a very fresh appearance for the exterior. Exterior trim colors like these can also help match the setting for the home or building. The colors on this building help give it a look that complements the bright warm atmosphere. 

Choose the Right Exterior and Trim Color Combination

By coordinating the right trim and exterior colors, you can create a wide variety of designs. You can highlight features such as architectural details or windows, or just add some depth and interest to the design.

For help coordinating the trim on your next project, contact an expert at Belco Forest Products to speak to a professional.

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