Why Use Wood Paneling?

Wood paneling has traditionally been used to make rooms more comfortable and luxurious. When it comes to wood paneling, there is nothing like WOODGRAIN for prominently displaying your own brand of sophistication.



The Perfect Size

Most designers have reached a consensus that 1×6 is the ideal size for wood panels because it makes them easy to handle and less complicated to install. WOODGRAIN is available in typical industry lengths, which include 10, 12, 14, and 16 feet. When given a choice, designers always prefer WOODGRAIN for its simplicity and unmatched quality.



Clean Finish Every Time

Our proprietary ArmorTech finish system ensures that every WOODGRAIN product has a smooth coat, which is durable enough to resist mold, rot, and UV rays.


Aesthetically Pleasing Profile

Having the option to use either a Shiplap or a V-groove is important to high-end customers who want to complement their stunning interior design with a unique profile.



End-Matched Saves Time

Our WOODGRAIN products have a precise end-matched joint. They fit together and save time by eliminating the need to measure stud spacing.



Comprehensive 15 Year Warranty

When properly installed, WOODGRAIN products are guaranteed to last for 15 years from the purchase date. If they don’t, we’ll generously replace them for you free of charge.



Covers a Variety of Uses

WOODGRAIN can enhance your walls or your ceiling with an elegant wood finish. You can use WOODGRAIN for soffits, covered porches and patios, wall cladding, vaulted spaces, accent walls, and ceilings to create your own masterpiece and express your creativity.