"Let your voice tremble, but say it anyway" -Luvvie Ajayi

Savannah Staley

Marketing Specialist
Savannah, daughter of Bill Staley, is the Marketing Specialist at Belco Forest Products. Although she prefers to be called the “Architect of Joy and Words.” When Savannah considers what it means to be a Belconian, the attributes that first come to mind are, “dedicated, solutions-oriented, communicative, and creative.” The component of the Belco playbook she most aligns to is purpose because, “people who align themselves with their own purpose, or a company’s purpose, are more likely to see the long-term vision and make key decisions accordingly.” One of Savannah’s favorite Belco memories is when she and her cousins “borrowed” her Uncle Jason’s golf cart and drove it around the lumber yard until they crashed it into a giant wall of wood. When Savannah is not working, she can be found spending time with her dog Finley, working out, exploring, writing, or traveling. Her greatest accomplishments are publishing a book of poetry and earning her master’s degree in Education. A character Savannah relates to is Jo March from Little Women, because like Jo, Savannah is independent, considers herself a writer, and is not afraid to speak her truth.