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Randy Ingersoll

Senior Marketing Development Manager

Randy is the Marketing Development Manager for both Arizona and Colorado. However, on the inside he is referred to as a “Creative Business Consultant.” Randy was especially excited to join the Belco team because it allowed him to make the move back to Denver from the Houston area. In his free time, Randy enjoys reading, hiking, fishing, and spending time with his twin grand boys. When Randy considers what it means to be a Belconian, commitment and being a part of a team/family is what first comes to mind. However, commitment is the component of the Belco playbook that Randy most closely aligns to. Randy shared that “while teamwork is important, when you’re in the field away from everyday internal meetings, it is Commitment that stands out. Our customers depend on field staff to accurately be their message carrier which develops long-term relationships. This follows closely with dependability, which fosters customer partnerships.”