The decisions you make dictate the life that you will lead. Carpe diem.

Carlos Hernandez

Marketing Development Manager
Carlos is the Marketing Development Manager for Southern Texas, although he prefers to be known as a professional Business Hunter. He firmly believes that “doing what you say you will do,” is fundamental to earning trust and developing lasting relationships. In his free time, Carlos enjoys exploring new places and spending time with his kids, who he also considers his greatest accomplishment. He also takes pride in not only meeting, but exceeding, others’ expectations. Carlos shared, “Coming from an impoverished background, I have surprised a lot of people along the way by being an honor student, a good athlete, a fast learner and excelling in sales. But I think that in the end my kids are my greatest accomplishment as I have had the honor of them grow and mature into great, responsible adults.” When asked about what it means to be a Belconian, Carlos says being both innovative and professional are key attributes to embody.