MILLWORK THAT IS preservative treated AND PRIMED.

The real beauty of the homes you build are brought to life by accenting the exterior with a carefully selected trim package. Foot for foot, Belco XT® Trim remains the most cost-effective trim choice and offers beautiful, long-lasting performance while saving time and money.

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If you’re in a territory we service, we have specialized manufacturer representation available when you need it. When you work with Belco, you’re always taken care of. If there’s ever a problem, we’ve got your back. You’re a partner. Your family, and that’s the Belco difference.

On Grade.

Belco XT® Trim and Fascia is not your “run-of the mill” (pun intended) exterior trim product. Unlike your father’s wood, our spf products are preservative-treated and made to last. In fact, they’re backed with a 20-year warranty, so your customers don’t have to worry about rot and deterioration. We specialize and manufacture only trim products, which is why we consider ourselves experts in the industry. We eat, sleep, and breathe exterior trim.
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On Time.

Whether you’re looking for direct or distribution style services, when you work with Belco, you’re a partner, and we’re deeply committed to our partners. In fact, if it’s the right fit, we’re ready to put a ring on it. At Belco, we rely on our superior forecasting to make strategic projections while prioritizing your inventory, so we always have product available. In fact, during the global pandemic, we never ran out of stock. Having product when you need it is our middle name.


We also don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and we value innovative thinking that’s outside the box. At Belco, we have customizable program offerings to meet your needs. We’re not playing hard to get; if we want to work with you, we’re not afraid to make the first move.

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