At Belco Forest Products, community matters. While our manufacturing center resides in Shelton, Washington, we build houses all over the nation. It’s important that we take care of our local community through charitable giving, volunteer work, and listening to our community members.

However, we also consider ourselves global citizens, and furthermore, leaders in the forest products industry. It is for this reason that we focus our community work around the pillars of Shelter, Education and Sustainability.


At Belco Forest Products, we believe in the natural beauty of real wood trim, but not just because of the aesthetic. Sustainability is one of our core pillars when it comes to our charitable giving, and an important component of our community resources. Natural wood is a carbon-positive and sustainable substrate. With intentional reforestation practices, the forest products industry is supporting a renewable resource that benefits our earth. We see the effects of climate change, and as a leader in the forest products industry, understand the importance of investing in scientific climate change research now so we can see the promise of a greener tomorrow.


Currently, we use Wolman AG for our preservative-treatment process, which is environmentally friendly. We also pulverize our biproducts into hog fuel, so it’s broken down into a more usable form. Recently, we invested in a baghouse filter to filter out potentially harmful particles from the atmosphere to promote healthier air quality. In the year 2022, we will donate our most significant amount of funds yet to climate change research and education.


As we continue to grow, we want to become more conscious of where our raw material sources are coming from. We want to purchase material from certified best practices suppliers. We believe in a more sustainable industry to create a more sustainable future.


Belco makes charitable donations in support of its local community, country, and world. Charitable donations are balanced with the need for financial strength to ensure Belco can meet it’s primary purpose of enriching the lives of its employees and families. You can see a list of our partners below: