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Prefinished Tongue and Groove Ceiling Planks Will Enhance the Beauty of your Next Project

Prefinished tongue and groove ceiling planks

Prefinished tongue and groove ceiling planks add natural beauty to any construction project. We love the look of a raw board. However, you might also choose to stain or paint your product. Regardless of the look you choose, tongue and groove is an excellent option.

What makes Belco Prefinished tongue and groove ceiling planks unique?

Belco XT® T&G has a beautiful grain and knot structure that will enhance the curb appeal of any home. Unlike other manufacturers, preservative treatment is a standard at Belco Forest Products. This means all our products are preservative treated to ensure long lasting beauty. It’s for this reason Belco XT®-T&G is an excellent product for outdoor applications.

What is the best application for Belco XT®-T&G?

Our T&G product is the perfect material for porch and outdoor living area ceilings due to the preservative treatment. Even raw, it’s made to perform outdoors in unideal conditions. This is also a great product for enclosed soffits.

Should I paint my Belco XT®-T&G or leave it raw?

In a world where every buyer is looking for a slightly different color or shade to make their soffit truly unique and beautiful, Belco has learned that prefinished tongue and groove ceiling planks leaves much to be desired.

Rather than providing a limited color wheel of options to choose from, we have decided to apply a preservative treatment to our soffit material instead. Belco XT®-T&G can be painted. However, you can also choose to leave it raw with the confidence of knowing that it is preservative-treated to beautifully last for years to come.

Another alternative is to stain your product with a lighter color. This will really make the grain pop for the classic craftsman look! On the other hand, a darker stain will support a bold, muted, and modern look.

Why T&G?

When you choose to use a tongue and groove product, you’re adding a touch of irreplaceable natural beauty to your home. As a builder, you can choose to leave it raw, stain it, or apply a fresh coat of paint on it depending on the aesthetic. Regardless of what you choose, the difference is that Belco XT®-T&G is made to last.

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Preservative treated, primed, and available with a combed, brushed, resawn, or smooth face. The real beauty of your home comes to life through a well made trim package.

Preservative treated, primed, and available with a combed or smooth face. These glulam columns are strong, beautiful, and enhance any exterior design. 

Belco XT®-T&G is graded smooth face with edge vees on all four edges and a textured ungraded back.

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