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Belco Snapshot: June Lumber Market Trends 2023

Belco Snapshot: June Lumber Market Trends 2023

As we delve into the lumber market trends for June, it’s evident that the industry is experiencing a positive trajectory, particularly in terms of single-family construction. This upward trend in both activity as well as quarter three outlook has been very much anticipated. Let’s explore some key indicators that highlight the ongoing strength in the market.

Month-over-Month Starts and Permits

The previous month showcased encouraging month-over-month starts and permits, pointing towards a favorable outlook. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) data, the NAHB Executive Level Forecast is expected to increase by approximately 4% by the end of the year. This revision signifies the anticipation of a robust showing for single-family construction in the second half of the year.

Builder Sentiment and Housing Market Conditions

The NAHB Housing Market Index (HMI) has experienced consistent growth, reaching a notable milestone of 50. This means that builders are split on market conditions, with some viewing them as good rather than poor. The sustained increase in the HMI indicates a growing confidence among builders.

New Construction Advantage

The NAR Pending Home Sales Index remained flat, while Zonda’s New Home Pending Sales Index has shown improvement for the fifth consecutive month. This trend aligns with the advantage that new construction holds, given the limited inventory of resale homes in the market. The increasing demand for new homes contributes to the positive market outlook for the lumber industry.

Mortgage Rates and Home Prices

In recent weeks, mortgage rates have shown more stability, avoiding drastic fluctuations. At the same time, home prices have remained strong. This stability in rates and pricing raises the question of whether this could be the “new norm” for the industry. If so, the pent-up demand is expected to continue driving growth and positive outcomes for the lumber market.

It’s worth noting that framing lumber prices have also been a significant factor in the industry. According to the NAHB, framing lumber prices have remained high but have started to stabilize in recent months. Additionally, the Madison’s Lumber Prices Index has indicated a 2% increase, reflecting the overall strength in the lumber market.


In conclusion, the June lumber market trends indicate a positive landscape for single-family construction. The upward trajectory in starts and permits, coupled with growing builder sentiment and advantageous market conditions for new construction, bodes well for the industry. With stable mortgage rates and strong home prices, the potential “new norm” suggests continued growth and a promising outlook for the lumber market.

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