Why Wood?

Appearance Grade Equals Curb Appeal

XT products set a high bar for excellence at beneficial price points since they are manufactured from the best raw fiber in the Pacific Northwest. We use the highest grades of spruce/pine/fir (SPF) to meet the quality standards of our discerning customers.

20-Year Limited Warranty Makes Wood More Reliable

XT Warranty Logo

When properly installed, XT products are covered by a 20-year limited warranty and all claims are our responsibility, which means that you’ll have fewer unwanted callbacks. In addition, it is transferable to secondary owners, so your customers will be able to obtain replacement products by showing us a receipt.

Sustainable Materials Matter to Homeowners

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Homeowners are becoming more particular by requesting sustainable materials to build their homes. You can set them at ease with the promise that our treatment process is environmentally friendly and our products are completely renewable.

Low Cull Rate Means More Usable Products

Competitor Products

XT Products

Since our cull rate is only 0.5%, you will get 99.5% usable products.

Dust Protection Limits Health Risks

No Dust Mask Required

Fiber cement can cause a variety of health problems for workers when hazardous dust equipment is neglected on the job site. This can often result in workers taking more sick days, receiving more medical care, and paying higher premiums for health insurance. Choose XT products to protect your workers and meet OSHA requirements.

No Special Tools Required Keeps It Simple

No Special Tools Needed

With XT products, you can minimize equipment needs because you won’t ever need to use any special saws or vacuums.

Easily Attached with Nails or Screws

Attached with 3 Nails

XT products can easily be attached with nails or screws due to a light fastening pattern.

XT Is More Easy On The Pocketbook Than Alternatives