As a builder, you have a busy schedule. 

To finish the several projects you have underway every day AND make the money you have earned is the challenge you’ve accepted.

Belco understands your situation and understands your business. Saving time AND money is what it’s all about. We are here to help.

We manufacture solid wood exterior trim products that have been preservative treated and primed to serve that very purpose of saving time and money. Material ready to install with no extra prep work, delivered in the lengths you need to reduce waste, no extra tools needed, just the ones you use every day and all with a 20 year limited, transferable warranty.

Belco XT Trim, XT Post, XT Beam and Woodgrain paneling are sold through a national network of dealers and distributors. Drop us a message and let us help you find a dealer nearby.

 “Not more money, just better products” 

Give us a try and you’ll see the difference

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