Take care of your people and they will take care of our customers

Bill Staley

President & CEO

Bill Staley is the President and CEO of Belco Forest Products. Although his “real” title is “Minister of Belconian Culture.” When considering the most important attribute of a Belconian, Bill says having a growth mindset and a commitment to continual learning are essential. Belco’s purpose is closely aligned to Bill’s why as the CEO. “We succeed in order to create opportunities to enrich the lives of our employees.” This in essence, is the very heart of Belco Forest Products. One of Bill’s favorite Belco memories was at the Belco 40th Anniversary at Cheney Stadium. He was pleasantly surprised to learn he was throwing the first pitch of the ballgame. Bill’s greatest accomplishment is his family, who he enjoys spending time with while boating. Additionally, Bill likes golfing and fishing with his friends. “Tommy Boy” is a character Bill relates to because, “you don’t know how much you don’t know.”