The real beauty of your home is brought to life by a carefully selected trim package. Foot for foot, solid wood remains the most cost effective, naturally attractive choice available.
1. Featuring WOLMAN AG, a water-based nonmetallic surface treatment.
2. AWPA UC3 compliant for above ground application.
1. Available in a number of sizes to meet all of your exterior trim needs.
2. Available in a variety of lengths to minimize waste.
3. 20-year warranty against rot.
Cost Effective
1. Pre-primed trim saves you time and money during installation.
2. Metal Free, non-corrosive treatment means no special tools or fasteners.
3. Less costly than cedar, redwood, fiber cement or composite alternatives.
1. Exterior Trim & Fascia
2. Bellyband Trim
3. Window Trim & Sills
4. Garage Door Liners
5. Column & Post Wrap
6. Rake/Frieze Board
7. Porch & Deck Balusters
8. Door Trim