XT Treated Posts and Beams


What Are XT Treated Posts and Beams?

Treated, primed or stained, and available with a combed face. XT Posts and Beams are engineered for load bearing and treated for service lengths to meet all of your structural needs.




Why Should I Buy XT Treated Posts and Beams?

1. Cut Costs

Belco’s treatment, primer, and stain options will save you money in the form of reduced labor costs and ease of installation.

2. Sell Homes for Higher Prices

Most builders have no problem with spending a few hundred dollars on XT products per home since they can easily sell each for several thousand more dollars to achieve significant return on investment.

3. Sell Homes Faster

It’s no secret that beautiful homes sell more quickly and exteriors decorated with XT products are no exception.

4. Sell More Homes

Since your homes are going to sell more quickly, you will be able to invest in building more of them.

5. Increase Your Profits

Cutting costs, selling homes for higher prices, selling homes faster, and selling more homes means that you will be able to take home more money than ever before.



Manufacturing Process for XT Treated Posts and Beams

XT products set a high bar for excellence at beneficial price points since they are manufactured from the best raw fiber in the Pacific Northwest. We start with the highest grades of spruce/pine/fir (SPF) to meet the quality standards of our discerning customers. After that, we add significant value with our manufacturing process that is backed by our unique quality assurance program.



Quality Assurance Program for XT Treated Posts and Beams

Belco’s quality assurance program for XT products encompasses five key points of ownership at every step along the production line. We control product appearance and performance by doing everything in house: drying, milling, edging, treatment, and coating. Dimensional tolerances are +/- .03 and every product has a sharp edge that adds curb appeal.

1. Tarping

We insist on tarping inbound and outbound loads of XT treated products to protect against moisture. XT products are wrapped with a heavy, premium lumber cover. Then corner protectors and stickers are placed on the cover. Finally, the ends are sealed with anti-check coating.





2. Moisture Content

Moisture content for XT Treated Posts and Beams products is between 13% to 18%. We check the moisture content and recondition the wood to meet our standards with onsite kilns to minimize movement, splitting, checking, and warp





3. Treatment

Belco sends treated wood samples to Lonza on a weekly basis for testing to ensure that XT products meet our 20-year warranty that protects against mold, rot, UV rays, and insects. For over a century, Wolman AG by Lonza has been the leader in wood preservation. Wolman AG, hailed as the first nonmetallic, environmentally friendly treatment for residential and commercial markets, consists of two fungicides and an insecticide. Wolman AG extends the life of your wood for all AWPA above ground applications by resisting mold, midlew, rot, and termites. Wolman AG is also qualified under the Water-Repellent Preservative Treatment Certification Program, which is conducted by the Window & Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA).



4. Grading Process

XT products go through an intensive grading process throughout the production process. We buy the highest grades of natural wood and then have several internal grades that truly set the standard for our industry





5. Primer Coat

A 2-2.5ml primer coat is applied every 5 minutes to provide a protective barrier between the wood substrate and the elements. The primer that we use serves as a water-repellant, protective coating and is the first line of defense against moisture intrusion. It also passes the three most critical tests as developed by the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM). These include the primer adhesion test, the moisture absorption test, and the wet scrub resistance test. Because XT products are already primed, you can save hours that would have been spent waiting for the primer coat to dry.





XT Treated Post and Beam Product Features


Milled to Perfection

Our XT products are milled to reach the desired size, texture, and edge specifications. The edges are square cut on six sides and the faces come in three varieties, which include combed, smooth, and

20-Year Limited Warranty

When properly installed, XT treated products are covered by a 20-year limited warranty and all claims are our responsibility, which means that you’ll have fewer unwanted callbacks. In addition, it is transferable to secondary owners, so your customers will be able to obtain replacement products by showing us a receipt.


Sustainable Materials

Customers are becoming more particular by requesting sustainable materials to build their homes. You can set them at ease with the promise that our treatment process is environmentally friendly and our wood building materials are completely renewable.


Low Cull Rate

Since our cull rate is only 0.5%, you will get 99.5% usable products.


Dust Protection

Fiber cement can cause a variety of health problems for builders when hazardous dust equipment is neglected on the job site. Choose XT to protect your workers and meet OSHA requirements.


No Special Tools Required

With XT, you can minimize equipment needs because you won’t ever need to use any special saws or vacuums.


Light Fastening Pattern

Our products can easily be attached with nails or screws due to our light fastening pattern.


Many Sizes Available

XT products come in 1 inch, 5/4 inch, and 2 inch thicknesses to suit all of your trim needs. In addition, you’ll be happy to hear that XT product widths range from 2 ft to 12 ft, while XT product lengths range from 8 ft to 20 ft.

Exceptional Value

You won’t have to break the bank with XT since we generally have a much lower cost per foot than fiber cement, engineered wood, and cedar.


Computer-Aided Design (CAD) for XT Treated Posts and Beams