Wood Fascia


It is essential to maintain the structural integrity of a residential or commercial building. And arguably the most critical component is the roof system which includes the fascia and soffit.  These are a structure’s first line of defense against moisture intrusion, wind uplift.

The fascia board is mounted to the rafter tails at the point where the roof overhangs the outer walls. It provides the structural backbone for the gutter system, the soffit and is key to structural integrity. 

Belco Forest Products’ standard of excellence with the ArmorCoat Fascia offers customers a product that is aesthetically pleasing as well as effective.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Water-borne technology provides less risk of decay and the acrylic primer offers 87% less VOCs than oil-alkyd counterparts.

  • Premium Quality Manufacturing

    Stable fiber- slow growing, high altitude, fine-grained, tight knot.

  • Primed, Protected Fascia

    Our treatment process protects against fungal decay, mold and termites.