Trim Board


Wood exterior trim is the material of choice for the majority of homes in the U.S. When choosing your trim board for building projects, consider cost, ease of installation, longevity, visual appeal, and product availability. Our XT Trim boards are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to minimize waste and meet your needs. It is also lightweight making installation easier. Literature Library

Additionally, you will save money as the trim boards are primed and less costly than cedar, redwood, fiber cement or engineered composite alternatives. Whether you are purchasing wood trim boards for commercial or residential construction projects, XT Trim is the recommended treated trim wood product by Belco.

XT Trim is ideal for:

  • Exterior trim
  • Exterior fascia
  • Corner boards
  • Garage door liners
XT Trim offers a 20-year warranty against rot. It features WOLMAN® AG, a water-based nonmetallic surface treatment.