Treated Wood Trim

Belco Forest Products manufacturers ArmorCoat XT treated wood trim products for both residential and multifamily construction.

The ArmorCoat system involves the entire production process from raw wood to the finished product.

We start the ArmorCoatXT treated wood process with premium and J grades of slow-growth, tight-knot, spruce/pine/fur from high altitude forests in the Pacific Northwest.

Our high quality raw fiber is the first step in delivering the best trim and post products. Belco, located in the Pacific Northwest is in close proximity to this high quality wood, which allows us to deliver an excellent quality of wood at a good price comparatively.

After miling and XT surface treatment, a proprietary primer is applied to enhance performance and aesthetic quality.

The XT treatment (Wolman® AG surface treatment) helps to extend the life of your wood trim inhibiting mold, mildew and rot and termite attack.