Cut and Dry of Value Engineering: What, Why, and How

What is Value Engineering? Per SAVE’s The Value of Methodology, value engineering is the “systematic method to improve the ‘value’ of goods or products and services by using an examination of function.” In more relatable terms, value engineering is the betterment of a product’s value or worth through close analysis, review, and assessment of how it’s used or how it works. … Read More

Customer Loyalty Programs – Are They Working for You?

As customer loyalty programs proliferate by the hour, is it time to ask, “do they really work?” For highly visible consumer brands, it seems one cannot operate without some sort of reward system targeting those customers for their loyalty towards the brand. The prime benefit to the issuing company of course is a pile of Big Data about those consumers. … Read More

Top Considerations for Choosing Trim

Numerous materials are available when choosing exterior trim for building projects.  Top considerations when choosing exterior trim include cost, ease of installation, visual appeal, longevity, and product availability. When purchasing exterior trim, knowing the pros and cons of each type of these products will definitely affect the decision-making process. Wood exterior trim is still the option of choice for a majority … Read More